Thursday, 6 January 2011

Tables Review

I forgot to add my post about the Tables Review we held in November....
A Tables Review is where everyone in the first year had to set up their work so far in their spaces so that everyone can look at what people have been up to and give suggestions on how they may progress.
For my space - because I was originally a hot desker, I had to steal someone's space who wasn't in (so I thought) - I displayed the different puppets I had made (latex, wax, egg and cloth, paper mache and salt dough) along with the moulds I made them in. I also displayed by doll house which at this point was just a front of house and my Cross Course Crit Poster that I still haven't brought home to scan in for my blog.
We had time to go around other people's spaces and I was impressed and surprised by the sheer diversity we all had created. Just some of the work I liked was a series of Would Like To Meet... posters that had some seriously disturbed people advertising themselves, which made me laugh. I also really liked the paper quilling project. These were rolled up paper made into swirls, bowls, flowers and people. I hadn't seen this done before but thought it was really, really good. The pieces were really well made and would like to see where the project is going but there was no indication in the space.
As for my own pieces, the feedback I got was good. People seemed to like the fact that i had tried using various different materials and suggested more of what I could use such as Polymorph, which is a mouldable plastic that i had never of heard before. The wax also seemed a popular choice, and was part of the reason why I chose this mdoel for the final project.

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