Thursday, 6 January 2011

Platt Hall Presentation

On the 14th December our Platt Hall project came to an end for the first part as we presented our ideas to Liz, who was from Manchester Art Gallery and lobbying to raise the funds so we could have the chance to put on our event.
The day before we had set up our separate parts in the Link Gallery so that we could then present by our pieces to Liz as an illustration to our ideas. Because I did my project with Philippa Watkin we displayed our pieces together, which were two doll houses, of our own homes and a large key which we made to show the idea of scale we wanted to work with.
Philippa's doll house (left) My doll house (right)
Before the exhibition I offered to create the poster for the exhibition. For the poster, I wanted to bring together Mary Greg with her own collection while keeping it simple so that it could be easily understood. After some sketches and initial ideas I thought of creating a photo montage as I was looking at all my photos from the Platt Hall visit. I began creating it like a collage that built up the face of Mary Greg so that it was like the collection was fused with Mary, while it also worked on the idea of patchworks, which we had seen a lot of at Platt Hall.
The actual presentation went well, I think. It was quite relaxed so i quickly calmed down and as I was presenting with Philippa the pressure was somewhat taken off as we could share talking duties and jump in if there were any questions we couldn't ask. On the whole we could answer most questions apart from whether we were planning on having a Mary Greg walking around Platt Hall - as would be in our doll house. It, however, felt less like an interrogation ad more generating new ideas if we were to progress with the project.

For now, however, we have to wait to hear whether we get the go ahead for the project.

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