Thursday, 6 January 2011

Meatyards Exhibition

On the 17th Decemeber the Whitworth Art Gallery held a one off event featuring the Meatyards Art project, who are a group photographer/artists. The event had a series of photographs projected against the large white wall in the big room to the side. In the next room there was also live music from an array of musicians.
Although I enjoyed some of the photography I found the slideshow a bit irritating because I couldn't really keep track of who did what and couldn't walk up to the photographs and have stare for as long as I want. The photographs that interested me most were the Coronation Street 50th anniversary photographs. I am an admitted Corrie fan but they were taken in a very 'filmic' sense and were also really dramatic, which is more of what I like than ordianry shots. The photo of Ken Barlow by the crash site was particularly impressive. On the Meatyards blog there is a particular part of the writer saying how people probably like the 'filmic' shots because it is more of what they expect, and people like what they expect. This may be true but I still like it. There is also an expanded exhibition of the Corrie photos at the Generation Pop Gallery from 28th January so i'll go along to that....
The whole atmosphere of the night was really good. The music was good and it was really busy, plus, I was often distracted by the blizzard that was building up outside, through the wall length windows so I would love to go to more nights like this.
As for the Whitworth itself I don't pay enough visits there, but to get to the exhibition we had to walk through an inside forest. I thought this was brilliant, I love interactive things, where you can create different worlds inside a world and is something I would love to do. It also felt very Fairy Tale-like which is something I also love to work with and with the snow that night it felt like walking to Narnia.
I didn't think to take a camera, so I don't have the pictures but I did get this from the meatyards website, it doesn't say who to credit it to bt I'm pretty sure that that is my silhoutte on the right as it looks like my posture, so that must mean something.

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