Sunday, 9 January 2011

Christmas Development

After completing the first part of the Platt Hall project I returned to my Glossop project which was still focussing on winged horses vs. normal horses. When I first came back to it I was lacking a lot of inspiration. I knew where I wanted it to go but I didn't want to go straight there because I felt like I was rushing it to much.
Not knowing really what to do I just began to draw horses. There was no real aim or goal point I just needed to feel like I was doing something.
I began by drawing a large horse with wings using printer ink and a broken part of a withey stick.

The drawing was just a way of splashing ink around and trying to make a texture but I didn't feel it really succeeded in creating movement. I continued drawing in my sketchbook, looking for a way of drawing horses that was new and didn't look like a mimic of someone else's style.
Because of this I began to stop trying to draw the horse but focussed more on its shape. I began to sketch a winged horse standing on its back two legs and then with felt drew the basic outline. I then cut this out of paper and made a stencil painting on it with white against a black background for a clean and modern look, no like the traditional fine art drawings. I then decided to contrast this with the image of an ordinary horse and so did it the same way but painted this stencil black against a white back ground. To add some continuity I painted a line through both and wrote the quote 'It is not how things exist that is mystical but that it exists' across both. I had a lot of bother trying to paint writing and in this image it is still not write in white but will be fixed.

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