Tuesday, 11 January 2011

Horse Movements

To prepare filming for my horse segment of my film I filmed some test runs, trying different methods of stringing the legs and moveing them. To prepare for this I made a quick zoetrope of a horse running so that I could break up the separate stages of the movements of a horse and then try to replicate them with the puppet. When trying to film the zoetrope it just became a blur so this is an image of it.
The test films don't have a set background nor is it properly lit and the movements are very shaky. It's all groundwork at the moment but it has helped to see the development on screen, as I can see all the faults and work on improving them. I also felt the horse looked a bit bear so since this video have added a proper tail, that is waxed paper as the wax tail kept snapping and also added some wax to create the hair of a horse.


  1. have you seen Muffin the Mule?
    I know you are after a more sophisticated look though..but I think you will enjoy it.

  2. I love Muffine the Mule! Had a video when I was younger and I'm not gonna lie, I've been singing the song while playing with my own puppet...

  3. Hi.
    Where You found this zoetrope template ?