Monday, 2 May 2011

Red Riding

To jump to the other end of the film, I had also decided to end the film on a Red Riding Hood theme contrasting it with the idea of missing children. I didn't want to use the idea of missing children to sensationalise it and try to stoke up controversy but I wanted to be respectful and create a sombre mood that will leave the audience in a reflective mood.
The signature element of the Red Riding tale is, of course, the red cloak that she wears and so I created my own cloak with red fabric. I had previously sewed some stuff and so I mocked up some simply sewing patterns. For the fairytale element of this part, I wanted to created a mood that was quite disturbing so that the audience are not quite sure what is happening at first. The woods are a big part of the story and I looked at the handheld camera feel of The Blair Witch Project, although I didn't want to create a horror I thought it was important to make it a little sinister as the whole point is that the girl is in danger so this isn't a typical happy fairytale walk in the woods.
I cut little Red Riding figures out of the hem of the cloak as I wanted to give the look of deterioration; Red Riding is in trouble and disappearing. However, when looking at the final images I think this was a little unnecessary as the images are fairly sinister on their own.
When in the woods I hung the cloak from trees and did not have a model wearing it. This was because Red Riding is missing and therefore she isn't in her cloak. I think this gives the cloak a ghostly aspect and I think if you were to walk in the woods and come across this cloak hanging there you would be a little surprised if not disturbed. I know that when filming I got a little spooked myself particularly as from behind it looks as though Red Riding my actually be hanging there.
The above images were taken from the shoot and have been processed on Photoshop to mute the colours of the woods and to bring out the red of the cloak as I believe this s the most important element of the images.
To address the real world side of missing children I was originally going to fade in headlines of real cases but instead have decided to have headlines read over the backing music as I think that sound can be more effective in creating a sinister atmosphere. I will show this part when I upload the film in its entirety as I think it is better to be viewed that way.

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