Friday, 6 May 2011

Glossop Trip

The day of the Glossop trip came. I had my bird puppet made and my film done to a showable standard (but with tweaks needed before exhibition time). The morning was planned to be flying kites on the moors in honour of Ludwig Wittgenstein's Glossop Flying School and we had to bring something to fly. However, due to spending far too much time on my puppet and film I had no time to make a kite and so had to make one on the coach. This meant my kite was a Metro newspaper with my Red Riding off cuts attached to wool to create ribbons. Admittedly, not my finest hour.
The actual flying was fun, however, and it was great to see people's kites who had actually used this as a project and had made weird and wonderful kites.
In the afternoon was when we were supposed to be doing our performances and as I needed a table on stage to hide me while puppeteering, it was decided that I would go first and so got ready and in position... but the film never came on for me to start.
This was a big learning curve for, to never trust a Mac. Or, more to the point, check that you have your film saved in the right file format and none of the three I did save it in actually work. This of course meant I had to leave without doing my performance or showing my film, but the work would not be wasted as now I would display it all in my end of year show...

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