Sunday, 1 May 2011

Cross Course Crit 2

Each term we have a 'Cross Course Crit.' As explained in my last Cross Course Crit post this is where a group of students, some from every year, get together to discuss each other's work and give any suggestions for what direction they may take.
It is always an interesting opportunity to get to see other students work, especially from different years as we are often not in the studio at the same time. One project, I found interesting was a project on masks, something I had briefly looked at in past projects. This particular project was decorating craft masks with different objects, such as googly eyes and I think it caught my eyes the most because of it's theatricality as I am looking at stage puppetry. It also made me think of doing a project myself on masks but making my own stage masks. This would have to be after my own project has ended, however.
As for my own project I showed my butterfly and apple developments and people seemed to like the fairytale element. There were not so much suggestions on what I could do specifically but just suggestions that I should continue down the fairytale road and I think that the direction of my film has started to lean that way.

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