Friday, 6 May 2011

End of Year Show!

After the disaster that was Glossop Trip I spent the following Easter holidays refining my wor, reshooting and editing parts of the film and fleshing out the development. I had decided for my show that I wanted to show my film on a plinth and then have the phoenix puppet hung around it as if it was a contextual frame. I didn't really want to fill walls with images of my work because most of it is referenced in the film anyway.
When I got my space however there was a lot of wall space. I carried on with my original idead, hanging my phoenix puppet with fishing wire from a plank and then sticking it to the plinth, with wire in it's hem to add strength and support to the wings. However, it did look very bare and after a nudging from my tutor on the last day I decided to put up 3 white shelves and on them display my dragon puppet, horse puppet and my butterflies in jars.
I chose this items because they were in the best state from the film (except the wax horse was broken and had to be fixed) and they also had the muted colours that I think blended them all together well. The actual putting up of the show was very stressful as there were many technical parts with hanging thigns that had to be tweaked and adjusted but ultimately it was finished, I was happy with it and I actually enjoyed the week with everyone milling about helping each other out.

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