Monday, 25 April 2011

The Poison Apple Part II

After deciding to focus on ideas focusing on the blood aspect of a red apple, I brainstormed ideas that this could translate to screen. The most effective and obvious idea I had was to have the apple melt onscreen so that the skin bleeds across the surface and the only way I could think of successfully do this was to create a wax apple candle.
After using wax as a sculptural material with the horse puppet I was already aware of how create an object with wax, however, this would now be a more advanced version as I would need a wick and a two tone colour - a white core and red skin. I could have simply created one big red apple but as the act of eating the apple is what makes it dangerous, I felt it necessary to show a bite taken from it.
Like with the horse puppet, i started the apple by creating a wax version which I then split in half and cast in plaster. I then used this plaster mould to create the two wax halves of the candle and welded this halves together with more melted wax.
The original wax apple
I then melted another bowl of wax and dyed it with red candle dye, then dipping the white wax candle into it. For the wick, I tied it to a nail that I then screwed through the apple whole. Admittedly, this is probably not the professional technique but it was the best way to not make the apple halves mishapen. Using more wax I then fixed the wick into place. Finally, I attached a paper leaf to it in the hope that when I lit the wick for the candle to melt the paper leaf would also burn up as this is supposed to be a more negative and dangerous 'mystical' element the more destruction the better.

The Apple

At this point the bite has not been taken out as this will be a part of the film, showing the act of the eating. I will update with the results of the filming when it takes place.

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